EU – New regulation proposals

In March 2013, the European Commission presented proposals to revise the Community Trade Mark Regulation and Trade Marks Directive (see our January 2014 newsletter).

This reform of the current EU system will improve conditions for businesses to innovate and to benefit from more effective trademark protection. It also aimed at fostering innovation and economic growth by making trademark registration systems all over the EU more efficient and accessible to businesses.

On July 2014, the Council adopted its common position on the "trademark package" and mandated the Italian Presidency of the EU to enter into negotiations with the European Parliament in order to achieve an agreement on the reform.

"Despite the broad consensus on many aspects of the proposal the parties have considered that some additional time is needed in order to be able to arrive at a final conclusion on all essential elements of the package", according to the joint statement by the European Parliament negotiating team and the Italian Presidency of the Council with regards to the trademarks package dated 7 January 2015. However, an agreement has already been reached on many issues, particularly including the treatment of goods in transit and small consignments.