Reminder for upcoming legal reporting to the CSSF

The CSSF amends CSSF circular 14/593 to reflect the fact that credit institutions now have the possibility to send TEST reporting files.

Since ensuring the quality of the prudential data reported to the CSSF is key to ensure adequate supervision of credit institutions both at national and EU levels, the CSSF now offers (from the reporting reference period 2019-01 onwards) a test environment whereby credit institutions have the possibility to send TEST files to the CSSF to get feedback on the validation results. The CSSF circular 14/593 has therefore been amended accordingly (for the full text of the amended CSSF circular 14/593 please refer to the annex of CSSF circular 19/715)1.​

While a credit institution has no obligation to send test files, it must nonetheless always ensure that it sends to the CSSF at least one production instance for each report due by the applicable reporting deadline, failing which it will be in breach of its legal reporting obligation.

Further technical details are available in chapter 5, section 2.2. of the document “Reporting requirements for credit institutions - Final version”.

If you would like to know more about your legal reporting obligations, please do not hesitate to contact our Luxembourg regulatory team.

1 https://bit.ly/2WGDzlE​