New University law adopted

The draft law providing the framework of Luxembourg’s only public University has been passed on 13 June 2018 and will enter into force on 1 August 2018.

The new University law builds on the foundations of the original text from 2003 and creates the legal basis for the further development of the University in terms of structure, functioning, research and teaching.

Part of the legislator’s intention is to better define the University’s governance, with a much clearer separation of powers between the Board of Governors, the Rector and the University Council.

The law also expands the representation of the community in key university bodies such as the Board of Governors and the University Council, and it foresees organisational changes.

With regards to the personnel, the new legal framework provides greater clarity over potential career paths and some possibilities for promotion.

As for academic affairs, it codifies student representation into the law and further aligns the University’s study programme management with international standards.

University rector Stéphane Pallage stated: “Adapting to the different legal requirements in tight deadlines is a challenge for our community. But it will certainly make the University stronger and more competitive. I thank all staff members for their support and engagement.”

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Please note that the final legal text is not yet available. All information and public documents related to the new law, including the last draft law version 7132-14 from 28 May 2018, plus a video of the Séance publique are available on the parliament’s website.

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