Wildgen advised TDV Industries on acquisition of Klopman

French textile group TDV Industries signed an agreement to buy Klopman International, an Italian workware textile maker headquartered in Frosinone (Central Italy),

Klopman has been active in Italy since 1968 with its production plant in Frosinone and is now managed by CEO Alfonso Marra. Klopman is one of the leading European companies in its sector with one out of three workwear pieces being made by a Klopman’s fabric and about 120 million euros in revenues. Klopman reached 116.4 million euros in revenues in FY ending in April 2016 with 11.7 millions in ebitda and a 55.2 million euros net financial debt (see here an analysis by Leanus, after free registration and login).

TDV Industries was instead founded in 1866 in Armentières in the North of France by the Coisne and Lambert families.

The new group will reach about 150 million euros in revenues and will cover all the European market and a major part of Asian market, with about 650 employees.

TDV Industries Advisers

Legal Advisers (Luxembourg): Wildgen (David Maria, Tax Partner, Yann Payen, Corporate Director and Jérémie Ferrian, Associate)
Legal Advisers (France): Armand & Associés (Ruppert Windeler, Perrine Klein (corporate), Georges Civalleri (tax))
Legal Advisers (Italy): De Berti & Jacchia (Cristina Fussi, Orsola Galasso, Claudio Corba Colombo (corporate), Tiziana Zona (tax), Giuseppe Cristiano (financing))
Financial Advisers: Invest Corporate Finance (Raphaël Rossello's team)

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