Schiltz et Schiltz

SCHILTZ & SCHILTZ was initially established in 1932 by Tony Biever, MP.

Louis Schiltz joined the firm in 1959 and was its Managing Partner over many years. He was the Chairman of the European Bar from 1983 to 1984 and he chaired the Luxembourg Bar from 1988 to 1990.  

Jean-Louis and Franz Schiltz have established the new structure of SCHILTZ & SCHILTZ in 1994. The firm has been transformed into a “société anonyme” in 2018 and has five partners today. 

Several current and former lawyers of the firm have served as Cabinet ministers, members of parliament, regulators and civil servants with the Luxembourg Government.

The firm’s focus all over its history has been on excellence combined with a personal service to its clients.  



  • Luxembourg (pays)
  • Droit commercial et contrats
  • Droit des sociétés
  • Droit civil
  • Droit public et administratif
  • Litiges et arbitrage/médiation
  • Propriété intéllectuelle
  • Droit pénal
  • Droit du travail et sécurité sociale
  • Autre matière
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