Luxembourg Business Register: Upcoming requirements for individuals - get ready!

According to a notice issued by the Luxembourg Business Register (LBR), with effect as of the end of March 2022 (exact date to be confirmed), individuals and entities registered with the Luxembourg Register of Trade and Companies (Registre de commerce et des sociétés) (RCS) will have to provide a Luxembourg national identification number (matricule) (LNIN) for individuals registered in their file, such as managers, directors, shareholders, partners, liquidators, authorised representatives or auditors.

If an individual does not have a LNIN, one can be created by submitting information to the RCS, including nationality, gender and private address together with any other supporting documents proving the individual’s identity. A systematic control of the Luxembourg addresses provided to the RCS will be carried out as from the implementation date. The LNIN will only be accessible to the holder and/or the persons specified during the filing process.

A transition period is foreseen before the above becomes mandatory but it is advisable to start gathering LNINs without delay.

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