AIFMD Reporting - CSSF feedback

Last January 31st 2015 was the first reporting deadline for most Luxembourg market participants to file their alternative investment fund managers ("AIFMs") and alternative investment funds ("AIFs") reports under AIFMD.

When submitting their report, each participant concerned by the reporting (i.e. registered and authorised AIFMs and related AIFS) should receive an "OK no errors" response from the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier ("CSSF") which confirms that after an automatic screening of the filing same has been successfully transmitted to the authorities before final analysis of the content.

In case the screening performed results in the presence of a field apparently not properly filled in the CSSF issues an error report which obliges the participant to resubmit an amended file.

Notwithstanding the presence of an error in the report the first filing is the one considered by the authorities for the purposes of assessing the date of submission of the file.

In connection with the above procedure, the CSSF made available last February, a document comprising all the different error messages that could be received by participants in connection with the submission of their AIFMD reporting.

The document describes the different return files and respective error codes and error messages. It describes the errors and the way to correct them.