Bonn & Schmitt

148 Avenue de la Faïencerie
L- 1511 Luxembourg
Grand Duché de Luxembourg
URL: http://www.bonnschmitt.net

BONN&SCHMITT is a leading Luxembourg law firm with an extensive international practice. Our attorneys are experienced practitioners in the Luxembourg legal environment and present a unique combination of expertise allowing us to deliver unrivalled legal solutions in one of Europe's leading financial centres.BONN&SCHMITT has established strong working relationships with leading law firms throughout Europe and in the international community with whom we interact closely and collaboratively to provide our clients with innovative and integrated solutions to multi-jurisdictional matters.Our truly global client base stretches through Europe, to Russia, the U.S., South America, South Africa, and Asia.We are the trusted legal partner of leading international financial institutions, industrial corporations, national governments as well as media companies, pharmaceutical groups and food and beverage groups listed on the Forbes The Global 2000 List. BONN&SCHMITT triumphs at IFLR's European Awards 2013 receiving awards in the categories of "Luxembourg Law Firm of the year" and "Restructuring Deal of the year".

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Fonction :

Legal Counsel

Matières principales pratiquées par les juristes :[ infos ]

Corporate | Commercial | Economic

Matières pratiquées :

Corporate, Tax, Banking & Finance, Investment Management, Litigation and Dispute

Region :

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg


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Gaëlle Felly joined Bonn & Schmitt as a Counsel

The partners of Bonn & Schmitt are pleased to announce that Gaëlle Felly joined Bonn & Schmitt as a Counsel. 

Gaëlle is specialised in international tax law, predominantly Luxembourg-oriented with a focus on a wide range of listed multinationals, private equity funds, merger & acquisitions, IPOs, debt-buy-back restructuring and tax reorganisation

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Bonn & Schmitt Avocats ont le plaisir d'annoncer les nominations de Frédéric Lemoine, d'Armel Waisse et de Laurent Henneresse

Bonn & Schmitt Avocats ont le plaisir d'annoncer les nominations de Frédéric Lemoine, d'Armel Waisse et de Laurent Henneresse avec effet au 1er janvier 2015.

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Virtual general meetings during Covid-19 crisis

The coronavirus epidemic took hostage the course of life in many countries around the world, which found themselves in successive confinements since 2020. It had however the merit of spurring technological progress and facilitating the endorsement of solutions 

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CSSF guidance on virtual assets - Recent developments in the financial sector

On 29 November 2021, the Commission de surveillance du Secteur Financier (the “CSSF”) published a Communiqué entitled “CSSF guidance on virtual assets” as well as an FAQ on “Virtual Assets” which were recently updated on 4 January 2022

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CovidCheck en entreprises à partir du 15 janvier 2022

Le Projet de loi n°7924 relatif aux mesures de lutte contre la pandémie Covid-19, déposé à la chambre des députés le 4 décembre 2021 et voté le 16 décembre 2021, instaure le régime « 3G » (vacciné/rétabli/testé) obligatoire sur le lieu de travail à compter du 15 janvier 2022 et jusqu’au 28 février 2022.

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Premières sanctions prononcées par la Commission Nationale pour la Protection des Données

The National Commission for Data Protection (hereinafter the “CNPD”) has made public its first 18 administrative decisions and sanctions, including six fines ranging from 1.000 to 18.000 euros, issued for non-compliance with provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (hereinafter the “GDPR”).

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