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A new right to claim data from bankrupt cloud computing providers

On 9 July 2013 a new law amending the Code of Commerce was enacted in Luxembourg (the “Law”). The Law introduces the right for a depositor to claim the recovery of intangible and non-fungible (i.e., identifiable and separable) goods from a bankrupt company. The parliamentary file aims clearly at including data from a bankrupt cloud computing service provider.

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Mr. Gérald Origer

Working Party 29 guidance on cookie consent

Today the Article 29 Working Party ("WP29")[1] published a working document on how consent for cookies may be obtained. The WP29's opinions and working documents provide authoritative guidance on EU data protection rules.

Based on the e-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC, the use of cookies or similar tracking technologies may require a website user's consent. The manner in which consent must be obtained varies per EU Member State. This WP29 document provides guidance on obtaining consent for a website operating across Member States. To access the document, click here.

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domain Names in Luxembourg: New  procedure for claimants

domain Names in Luxembourg: New procedure for claimants

From 11 June 2013, any person or company alleging that its right to use a ".lu" domain name has been infringed may file a claim with DNS-LU (a service operated by Restena, the public service provider in charge of managing the country code toplevel domain). Once the claim is filed, any transfer of rights on
the domain name to a third party will be blocked, except if the rights are transferred to the claimant (if the underlying dispute concerning the domain name is resolved between the parties).

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Mr. Stéphane Braun

The Luxembourg law of 6 April 2013 on dematerialized securities (the “Law”)


The Law aims at modernizing, among others, the law of 10 August 1915 on commercial companies and the law of 1st August 2001 on the circulation of securities and other fungible financial instruments by allowing Luxembourg issuers to issue dematerialized securities.


Listed fungible securities must all be recorded in a single "issuer" account held by a clearing entity.

Unlisted fungible securities must all be recorded in a single "issuer" account held by a clearing entity or a central account holder ("teneur de compte central").

Only securities settlement systems whose operator is located in Luxembourg (Clearstream, for instance) will be entitled to act as clearing entities.


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Mr. Yacine Diallo

L'échange d'informations au Luxembourg

The implementation of the EU Directive of 15 February 2011 in domestic law opening the way of automatic exchange of information.

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Mr. Nicolas Thieltgen
Ms. Anne-Marie Ka

Jurisprusdence bancaire luxembourgeoise (mars 2011 - mars 2012)

Chronique de jurisprudence de droit bancaire luxembourgeois (mars 2011 - mars 2012)

Comme cela fut le cas précédemment, la présente chronique aura pour objectif de rendre compte des décisions des juridictions luxembourgeoises intervenues en ce qui concerne les activités des établissements de crédits, sans néanmoins déborder sur la matière du droit financier au sens général du terme, ou, à tout le moins, en ne tenant compte que des décisions relevant directement des activités bancaires en cette matière.


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