Luxembourg – Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as the new digital Hub

October 2014, Luxembourg's Prime Minister and Minister of Communications and Media, Xavier Bettel, presented the so-called "Digital Letzebuerg" in the Parliament and to the press.

This project aims at maintaining Luxembourg as an attractive place to do business, and to develop the Grand Duchy as a hub for all areas of IT and communications. Luxembourg's ambition is to focus on the new market opportunities to build and strengthen its competitiveness in the future.

The platform has been created to coordinate efforts between all the players involved and to try to promote Luxembourg as a destination for digital business from abroad.

As a result of this initiative, five areas of opportunity have been identified and are covered in the programme: eco-technologies, bio-technologies, logistics, the financial sector, and the traditional industrial sectors.

The project will follow an eight-step programme, the first step being to create an inventory of existing mechanisms and planned projects, and then to analyse and evaluate future areas of development and finally to define a global strategy.

The Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Finance represent the executive committee of the strategy, which will coordinate the work and provide an inventory of progress.

Several working units have already been set up in the following fields: infrastructure, support of innovation, FinTech, e-skills, egovernment and promotion and developing Luxembourg as a content hub.