The Renewable Energy Framework in Luxembourg

Within the framework of our membership to the ELG (Energy Law Group), David Maria, Partner and Delia Nitescu, Senior Associate have contributed an article of the Luxembourg renewable sector which has been released in the European Energy Journal. We invite you to discover this article in the July 2014 edition of the European Energy Journal.

Excerpt: Through the Climate and Energy Package, the European Commission endeavours to reach 20% of renewable energy source ("RES") generation by 2020, in a cost effective and cost efficient way and therefore the Member States should set out appropriate measures for achieving that target.

According to the Status Review of Renewable and Energy Efficiency Support Schemes in Europe issued by the Council of European Energy Regulators "Luxembourg has the lowest level with 0.15Twh (2012) for electricity generation based on renewable energy sources ("RES-E") in European Countries". (...)