Announcement for lawyers

Bucharest, Romania – We invite you to get involved in the W.O.L.E.P. project.

New technologies can make a substantial contribution to the professional success of lawyers. The Internet is also a market for legal services and, at the same time, an important tool that facilitates the professional cooperation of lawyers.

We want to launch the W.O.L.E.P. "World Online Lawyers with Excellent Practice" International Network of Lawyers, a network that offers the following categories of benefits:

    - Increasing the professional prestige for lawyers in the W.O.L.E.P. network;

    - Facilitating professional cooperation for the lawyers of the network by:

        1. Professional cooperation within joint projects;

        2. Client Sharing;

    - Offering Online Legal Consultations, by video-conference or by Drafting legal     documents;

    - Invoicing and collection of fees for activities carried out within the network.


The technical support and tools necessary for the activity of lawyers within the network are provided by www.wolep.com, a website translated so far into: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Romanian. In the next period, it will be translated into German, Dutch and Polish as well, and finally into as many languages as possible. We want to facilitate Clients' access to the services offered by the lawyers in the network.

The objectives of the Network are:

The network should include law firms and lawyers with a high standard of practice;
The network should include law firms and lawyers covering all areas of law practice;
The network should include law firms and lawyers carrying out their activity in all countries and regions.

Only law firms or lawyers who have the right to practice law can join the W.O.L.E.P Network, according to the legislation of the country in which they carry out their activity.

Lawyers willing to get involved in the W.O.L.E.P. project can send us their contact details via the www.wolep.com website, the "About us" section.


Together we can build a globally relevant Network of Lawyers!


The W.O.L.E.P. Team

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