Linklaters launches HeForShe initiative to accelerate progress towards gender equality


Linklaters launches HeForShe campaign to celebrate International Women’s Day.

On International Women’s Day, Linklaters announces the launch of the HeForShe initiative.  Male leaders will be joining the UN’s movement, making bold commitments to achieve gender equality in the firm’s global network.

The leaders join a cohort of male global champions determined to ensure everyone at Linklaters can reach their full potential.

The main aims of the HeForShe initiative are to:

  • Engage men to become more aware of the opportunities and responsibilities of helping the firm create an inclusive culture where all our people have equal opportunities.
  • Empower men to act on issues raised by a lack of gender equality – for example, calling out bias or inappropriate behaviour and using inclusive behaviours/language.
  • Celebrate men who champion gender equality.

Examples of actions male in the Linklaters Luxembourg office are committing to include:

I am a HeForShe supporter because I believe that giving equal opportunities and fair treatment to everyone needs to be the backbone of our behaviour.  It is not right that your gender determines your development or your pay; it is normal to me that talent and ability are our guiding principles. As a married man with a working wife, I see how important this is and as a devoted father, I want my daughter and my son to live in a world where neither is disadvantaged because of gender.

I am committed to listen and to identify and implement new ways to pursue this goal and to challenge behaviours that belong to the past.” Nicki Kayser, HR partner - Capital Markets and Banking partner

“I support HeForShe because there is simply no objective reason to treat women differently than men and vice versa. Gender equality should be a stronghold of our diverse community and I shall commit myself to advocate gender equality.

Diversity is what makes us stronger and each and every person’s unique mind should be valued and recognized.” Yuri Auffinger, Consultant, Head of Employment

I support HeForShe because I want to support my colleagues in developing their personal and professional skills at Linklaters. I commit that we keep acting as a team and that all our female colleagues are feeling valued in their daily job in our organisation.”    Louis David, Finance and Operations Manager

The HeForShe initiative is part of a broader programme of activities at Linklaters to address gender equality and Diversity & Inclusion, including:

  • Mentoring: such as formal mentoring programmes through the Women’s Leadership Programme and the Global Talent Programme. Linklaters recently launched a reverse mentoring scheme with the aim of giving senior leaders an opportunity to build their awareness and understanding of different people’s perspectives and experiences.
  • Training and Development: Women’s Partner Programme, Women’s Leadership Programme for Managing Associates and a new career coaching programme for Associates.
  • Working environment: embedding agile working in the firm’s culture, giving everyone more control over when, how and where they work, thus helping people to balance work and personal commitments.

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