Index increase 2021

Since 1 October 2021, the index applicable to employees' wages has been increased from 834,76 to 855,62. This results in a 2.5% raise of the gross salary paid to employees with Luxemburg Law subject employment contracts.

Wage indexation is an automatic mechanism to adjust salaries in pace with evolving living costs, as determined by the statistics and economic studies bureau, STATEC. Salaries are automatically raised when the cost of living increases by at least 2.5%. The aim of this measure is to compensate loss of purchasing power due to inflation by increasing salaries accordingly.

The final detailed results of the national consumer price index for September 2021 have just been published on 6 October 2021.
Henceforth, the minimum wage for unskilled workers, which was previously EUR 2,201.93 gross, will now be EUR 2,256.95 gross, which represents a gross increase of EUR 55.02.

Qualified employees who previously received a minimum wage of EUR 2,642.32 gross will also have their wages increased in the same proportion to EUR 2,708.35 gross as of 1 October 2021, i.e. a gross increase of EUR 66.03.

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