Practical comparison of the simplified dissolution and standard liquidation

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31 Mar

The Luxembourg law provides for two different different options to liquidate a commercial company. On one side the standard three steps procedure and on the other side the dissolution without liquidation, also called "simplified dissolution".
These two procedures have some common points and also many differences from a legal perspective but also from a practical perspective.
During our presentation, we will briefly remind you the legal steps of the two procedures but we will mainly focus on the following practical aspects:
(i) roles and responsibilities of the stakeholders
(ii) time management
(iii) compliance aspects
(iv) points of attention
(v) pros and cons
This will help you to have a better understanding of the two procedures and to see which option is more suitable for your cases.

Speakers : Maxime Gillot, Quentin Ramaget with the collaboration of François Guyot from PwC SC

Langue : EN

Site Web: https://www.pwclegal.lu/

Inscriptions : crm@pwclegal.lu

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