Optimize your individual & collective organization

The legal sector, like any other sectors nowadays, needs to put a high emphasis on time and priority management. Be it on the scale of the organisation or even on an individual level, this training programme unlocks practical tips and tricks on how to improve your way of structuring your daily business thus also influencing your whole team.


The training programme aims at helping you to be able to:

  • Identify your own ways of working
  • Understand how these ways of working impact the company’s organisation
  • Improve your time and priority management
  • Structure your activity and the one of the organisation


In one day, you will be trained in:

  • Analyzing and putting a name to your own ways of working
  • Seizing the drawback a lack of organisation might trigger in an organisation
  • Understanding how the Eisenhower matrix can be used in law firms or legal departments
  • Identify commonly spotted “time wasters”
  • Learn how segmenting tasks can lead to greater efficiency
  • Be able to distinguish what needs to be prioritized depending on your business role
  • Clarify what “delegating” practically means and how it should be carried out in the organisation
  • Use well-proven stress management techniques to relieve your own stress as well as the one of the stakeholders you are involved with


William CARGILL, Coach & Founder @ Deinceps

Former lawyer and headhunter
Specialized in executive coaching and mediation
Strongly believes in the concept of a silent revolution: change yourself and you can change the world

Michel LEHRER, Owner @ Jurimanagement

Former lawyer
Specialized in management & organization counseling with a strong inclination towards marketing and communication


PUBLIC : Lawyers, jurists, legal practitioners in general

Candidates must fill in a registration form in order to be definitively enrolled in the training.


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