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19 Mar

Understanding the regulatory challenges

How to ensure compliance when regulation is lacking, and the understanding of the concept and technology are still insufficient?

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The fifth Anti Money Laundering Directive has entered into force on January 10th of this year. It addresses the important challenge of money laundering and terrorist financing risks associated with crypto-assets, also called cryptocurrencies. AMLD5 introduces regulation of crypto-exchange platforms and custodian wallet providers.

Due to the complex technology behind Crypto-Assets (DLT), their anonymous nature, important trust and compliance issues arise. There are however many misconceptions regarding Crypto-Assets, and these have important implications on the regulation and compliance aspect, which on their turn explain the fear and uncertainties and hamper their wide spread adoption.

In this context it is crucial to:

  • Have a thorough understanding of what crypto-assets are and be acquainted with the Blockchain technology and nomenclature
  • Recognise the global nature of Crypto-assets
  • Master the existing regulatory approaches and existing regulations at a national and international level
  • Fathom the Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Risks and establish the correct patterns and scenarios
  • Know what to look for when dealing with Crypto-asset transactions and establish the right monitoring procedures
  • Acquire the much-needed insight and knowledge to face the present and future challenges for compliance brought about by technology – keep an open mind

This conference is for: AML responsible and colleagues, Compliances Officers, MLRO, AMLCO, Cryptocurrency experts and aficionados, Secretary General, Legal counsel, Head of Risk & Compliance, Management, Specialised consultants, Lawyers, Magistrates

Join us together with leading experts to comprehend the impact of crypto-assets on regulation and compliance and be ready for the present and upcoming challenges!


Date: 19 March

Time: 9 h 15 min - 17 h 00 min

Cost: €599,00


Luxembourg – Parc Hôtel Alvisse
Parc Hôtel Alvisse - 120 Route d'Echternach
Luxembourg, 1453

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