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30 Jan

Are you willing to differentiate from your competitors and other legal Techs? Do you want to discover a way to position your corporate identity, to best advantage, in the customers’ mind? If so, you shall consider taking a training course in legal design thinking.

Getting to know, esp. implementing Legal Design Thinking in your law office will give you the opportunity to appeal both to prospects and existing customers by making legal information more concise, transparent and intelligible.

This training will help participants learn how to design documents, making them more straightforward, functional and, all in all, user-friendly.

The training in Legal Design Thinking will take place on January 30th and February 11th from 9 am to 5 pm. 

This training aims to help participants:

  • Understand the processes at work behind the concept of “legal design thinking”
  • Identify specific milestones of legal design thinking notably via illustrated case studies
  • Question your personal approach to value and retain customers as well as the way you communicate legal information
  • Design a user-centric approach and develop dedicated pitch training

The training will be held by:

Romain Hazebroucq – former lawyer who specialized in legal design, designer consultant and expert in simplifying complex content

Target audience: Lawyers

Price: 650€



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