Wildgen SA

69, Boulevard de la Pétrusse
L-2320 Luxembourg
URL: http://www.wildgen.lu

Since 1923, WILDGEN has been at the heart of law practice in Luxembourg. It is today one of the best known and well-respected law firms in Luxembourg, possessing a strong track record and continuing to offer sound technical expertise.


Client is at the core of our business

For decades now, we have served our clients as a full-service business law firm and we continue to assist them in achieving success with their goals. Our lawyers have years of experience in the industry sectors of our clients and facilitate the most complex financial procedures and transactions for them. Awarded on many occasions, our teams offer first-class service and a customer-focused approach to a wide range of professionals.

As a fully independent firm, we have an international network of experts that allows us to provide the very best advice in each circumstance and to avoid any conflicts of interest. The diversity of our clients pushes us to excel, because being responsible for their success is our main concern.


Excellence, client care and common sense drive our approach

We provide our clients with integrated services in

· Banking and Finance

· Dispute Resolution & Litigation

· Corporate Law

· Data Protection

· Employment & Pensions

· Insurance & Reinsurance

· Investment Funds

· Intellectual Property

· Technology, Media & Telecommunication

· Tax

At the demand of the market and of our clients, we have also developed niche areas of expertise and dedicated offerings. In addition, we have set up several foreign desks.

Nombre de juristes ou avocats :


Fonction :

Legal Counsel

Matières principales pratiquées par les juristes :[ infos ]

I.P. | I.T.
Corporate | Commercial | Economic
Social | Work

Matières pratiquées :

Administrative Law - Aviation & Maritime - Banking & Finance - Capital Markets - Corporate Law - Employment & Pensions - Insolvency & Restructuring - Insurance & Reinsurance - Intellectual Property - Investment Funds - Islamic Finance - Litigation & Arbitration - Mergers & Acquisitions - Private Equity & Venture Capital - Real Estate – Securitisation - Tax

Region :

Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Recruteur :

Mrs. Catherine de Rosa (Chief Human Resources Officer)
Tel: +352 40 49 60 1
Fax: +352 40 44 09

Manager :

Pas de contact

Presse :

Mrs. Stéphanie Leclercq (Chief Marketing Officer)
Tel: +352 40 49 60 1
Fax: +352 40 44 09

Pas de fonction vacante

Wildgen 4 Children : Opération générosité pour l’enfance en difficulté

Lancée pour la première fois le 20 novembre 2014, la collecte de jouets Wildgen 4 Children (W4C) a pour but de soutenir les associations qui accueillent et accompagnent des enfants et adolescents traversant des situations complexes au Luxembourg et dans la Grande Région.

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Wildgen Announces 2020 Promotions

Wildgen is delighted to reward the talent and work of its teams by announcing the promotion of both Dr. Thomas Biermeyer and Jeremie Ferrian to the positions of Directors, Nicolas Melmer to that of Senior Associate and Emmanuelle Ost and Vincent Michel to those of Associates.

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Wildgen Launches COVID-19 Toolkit to Help Compagnies Navigate this Period of Global Uncertainty

Given the rate of change in the COVID-19 situation, its impact on the markets, and the developing regulatory response, Wildgen decided to launch a COVID-19 Toolkit (www.wildgen.lu/covid-19)

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Wildgen renforce son activité Banque et Finance avec l’arrivée de Michael Mbayi, Director

Wildgen, cabinet d’avocats d’affaires indépendant à Luxembourg, est heureux d’annoncer l’arrivée de Michael Mbayi, Director, au sein de son équipe Banque et Finance. 

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Le recours collectif en droit de la consommation : un projet qui avance au Luxembourg

Le 14 août 2020, la Ministre luxembourgeoise de la Protection des consommateurs a déposé à la Chambre des Députés le projet de loi 7650 portant introduction d’un recours collectif en droit de la consommation.

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Episode 11 - COVID-19 Webcast - Where Are We Now? Legal & Regulatory Update

This is the 11th episode of our COVID-19 webcast series. In this new episode, Mark Shaw gives a quick run-down of where we are in terms of financial services regulation, corporate law and tax. A look back over the various responses to the COVID-19 pandemic to see which are still applicable while we are in this period between the initial wave and our ultimate return to normality.

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EP10 - COVID-19: Recommendations of the European Systemic Risk Board by Mark Shaw

In this 10th episode, Partner Mark Shaw talks about some recommendations of the European Systemic Risk Board in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. They focus on real estate and debt funds, but they are flagging issues relevant to all asset managers, so the recommendations are worth considering in a broader context.

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Episode 9 - COVID-19 Webcast - Focus on Market Abuse During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is the ninth episode of our COVID-19 webcast series. In this episode Partner Mark Shaw wants to talk more about market abuse during the COVID-19 pandemic. While, on the whole, markets are very much down as a result of COVID-19, there are a number of companies in the biotech sector looking at vaccines against the SARS-CoV-2 virus and cures for COVID-19 that have the potential to make investors extremely rich. As such, there has probably never been a greater incentive to commit market abuse.

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