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Mr. Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch
Mr. Thomas Evans

Brexit: the UK may unilaterally back out

In today’s judgment (07.12), the Court of Justice of the European Union, sitting in full court, has followed the opinion of its Advocate General by recognising the UK’s right to revoke its intention to leave the European Union.

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Mr. Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch
Mr. Thomas Evans

Preliminary opinion of EU Court of Justice suggests that United Kingdom could still avoid Brexit

On 4 December, EU Court of Justice Advocate General Campos Sánchez-Bordona concluded that the United Kingdom may unilaterally withdraw its intention to leave the European Union before 29 March 2019 and therefore remain in the EU.

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Mr. Eric Fort
Mr. Alain Goebel
Mr. Thierry Lesage
Mr. Jan Neugebauer

New tax measures revealed in the coalition agreement published by the future government – ATAD Bill amendments

Further to the elections for Parliament held in October this year, the former ruling coalition between the liberal, ecological and socialist parties emerged victorious and the Prime Minister was appointed by the Grand Duke to form a new government.

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Mrs. Emmanuelle Ragot
Ms. Florence Delille

Protection des données à caractère personnel et surveillance des salariés

Depuis le 25 mai 2018, le Règlement (UE) 2016/679 du Parlement européen et du Conseil du 27 avril 2016 relatif à la protection des personnes physiques à l'égard du traitement des données à caractère personnel et à la libre circulation de ces données, 

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Mrs. Suzanna Guzu Mercea
 Benoît Kelecom
Mr. Nicolas Cuisset

Brexit: What does the Withdrawal Agreement mean for financial services?

On 13 November 2018, the EU and UK negotiators reached an agreement on the conditions for the withdrawal of the UK from the EU (the Withdrawal Agreement) and on 25 November, the EU and UK leaders approved the Withdrawal Agreement

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Mr. Vincent Wellens
Mr. Ezechiel Havrenne
Ms. Anne-Sophie Morvan
 Anna Mateusiak

CSSF Circular 18/698: impact on IT organisation and (cloud based) outsourcing for investment fund managers

IT is key. This is not the slogan of an IT service provider but one of the lessons to be drawn from the CSSF Circular 18/698. Investment fund managers subject to this circular have strengthened obligations regarding their IT infrastructures, outsourcing, internal governance and data protection.

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Mr. Jean-Philippe Smeets
Ms. Mellissandre Demarcq

The clauses relating to the exercise of power within the company

In our previous « MNKS booklet » dedicated to shareholders’ agreements[1], we briefly described the main contractual and statutory clauses that are designed to restrict the transferability of shares of a company, to ensure the maintenance of the structure of the share capital and to organise the withdrawal in whole or in part of some of the company’s shareholders in certain circumstances.

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Mr. David Giabbani

Qualité de cadre supérieur, critères (oui) – paiement des heures supplémentaires (non)

Aux termes des articles L. 162-8(3) et L.211-27(5) du code du travail, « Sont considérés comme cadres supérieurs « les salariés disposant d’un salaire nettement plus élevé que celui des salariés couverts par la convention collective ou barémisés par un autre biais, tenant compte du temps nécessaire à l’accomplissement des fonctions

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Mrs. Audrey Berlotti
Mr. William Jean-Baptiste

Brexit relocations: The view from CMS Luxembourg

Luxembourg’s well-established reputation as a leading financial centre makes it a natural candidate for financial companies weighing their Brexit relocation options.

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Mrs. Isabelle Lebbe
Mr. Pierre Beissel
Mr. Laurent Schummer
Mr. Glenn Meyer

The Luxembourg registers of beneficial owners (“BOs”) expected soon, so get ready!

The enactment on 30 May 2018 of EU Directive 2018/843 on the prevention of the use of the financial system for the purposes of money laundering or terrorist financing (the “5th AML Directive”) (AML 5 – key aspects and changes) has prompted the Luxembourg government to accelerate the final implementation process 

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