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Mr. Vincent Wellens

Facilitating patent applications: no formal requirements for transfer of priority rights

Recently the Court of Appeal of The Hague handed down an important decision on the issue of the transfer of priority rights under the European Patent Convention ("EPC"), which is a first in the Netherlands.

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Mr. Eric Fort
Mr. Alain Goebel
Mr. Thierry Lesage
Mr. Vincent Mahler

Disclosure of cross-border arrangements by intermediaries: DAC 6 implementation in Luxembourg

On 8 August 2019, the Luxembourg government filed Bill of law No 7465 (''DAC 6 Bill'') implementing the provisions of the Council Directive (EU) 2018/822 (the “Directive”), commonly called DAC 6

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Mrs. Marie Bentley
Mr. Olivier R. Hoor

Luxembourg implementation of the EU Directive setting new transparency rules for intermediaries

On 8 August 2019, a draft law implementing the Council Directive (EU) 2018/822 of 25 May 2018 as regards mandatory automatic exchange of information in the field of taxation in relation to reportable cross-border arrangements (“DAC 6”) was submitted by the government to the Luxembourg parliament.

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Mr. Eric Fort
Mr. Alain Goebel
Mr. Thierry Lesage
Mr. Vincent Mahler

ATAD II implementation in Luxembourg: Bill submitted to the Parliament

On 8 August 2019, the Luxembourg government filed with Parliament Bill N° 7466 (the “Bill”) implementing into domestic law Council Directive (EU) 2017/952 of 29 May 2017 (“ATAD II”) amending Council Directive (EU) 2016/1164 (“ATAD I”)

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Mrs. Catherine Cathiard

New European Regulation on the Control of Foreign Investments

In order to help Europe defend its strategic interests and preserve European security and public order, Regulation 2019/452 of 19 March 2019, which came into force on 10 April 2019, sets a framework for foreign direct investment in the Union

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Mrs. Isabelle Lebbe
Mr. Philippe-Emmanuel Partsch
Mr. Pierre-Michaël de Waersegger

Towards a single European market on private pensions - the Pan-European Personal Pension Product

Saving for retirement will soon be facilitated by a personal pension product with truly pan- European characteristics. On 25 July 2019, the Regulation on a pan-European Personal Pension Product (PEPP Regulation) was published 

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Mr. Vivian Walry
Mr. Aurélien Hollard

The portal for Brexit notifications is live!

As from today, UK managers, firms and investment funds wishing to pursue their activities in Luxembourg, in the event a no-deal Brexit occurs on 31 October 2019, are invited to notify the Luxembourg regulator 

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Luxembourg implementation of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive II

Luxembourg implementation of the Shareholders’ Rights Directive II

The Luxembourg Parliament has adopted a draft law introducing new measures related to shareholders’ rights in listed companies. The main objectives are to encourage the long-term engagement of shareholders in listed companies, reinforce shareholders’ rights and increase the transparency of institutional investors, asset managers and proxy advisors.

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Mr. Jeremie Schaeffer
Mr. Nicolas Cuisset
Mrs. Jessica Betti

Bracing for Brexit: Luxembourg sets notification procedures for UK firms, UCIs and their managers in the event of a hard Brexit

On 15 July 2019, the CSSF published two press releases (19/33 and 19/34) directed at (i) UK firms and (ii) UCITS management companies and AIFMs, clarifying actions to be taken by UK entities in anticipation of a hard Brexit.

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Mr. Bruno Gasparotto
Mrs. Sophie Weyten
Mr. Nicolas Conrad
Mrs. Claire Schmitt

Rent free period and lease contracts: new VAT developments

The rent free period commonly granted in office lease contracts has been the source of much heated debate with the Luxembourg VAT authorities. 

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